you ego does not want you to read this

Your Ego Does Not Want

You to Know this

Your Ego might just be afraid of you knowing more about your Higher Self.  Discover the personality of the ego and the gifts of the Higher Self.

What is the Ego?

“Ego – that part of us that continues to worry, lives in doubt, is afraid, judges other people, is afraid to trust, needs proof, believes only when it is convenient, fails to follow up, refuses to practice what it preaches, needs to be rescued, wants to be a victim, beats up on ‘self’, needs to be right all of the time, and continues to hold on to what does not work.” – Iyanla Vanzant

These are the shadow aspects of the ego and if you are like me you can see quite a few of the descriptions in yourself at one time or another.  However, it’s not all bad news.  There are other, positive aspects to the Ego where we build our self-confidence, esteem and self-belief.  In chakra terms there is a relationship between the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra, where the Ego and the Higher Self are concerned.  Our goal is not to battle with the ego but rather to throw light upon the shadow.


What is the Higher Self?

There are quite a few names for the Higher Self that are used interchangeably:  True Self, Source, Spiritual Self and Inner Guide, to name a few.  The Higher Self is quite the opposite of the Ego.  It looks towards love, peace, and service for the good of all.  “It is the part of you that contains the Divine Essence, the spark of all creativity.  It has originated from the Source of all life and contains the creative energy you came from.” ~ Dr Wayne W. Dyer.  The Higher Self is your place of connection with your greatest potential for personal and spiritual growth and learning, it is the guiding light within you.  It is the light to shine upon the shadows of the Ego.

Our ultimate spiritual goal is to make this light/spark a vital and fundamental part of our lives.  We need to nurture it and develop a faithful and trusting relationship with it.  It begins with the belief that it exists at all and then the next step is to begin to communicate with it.  Ask and you will receive.  We are guided to have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth, the integration of all our chakra energies, so that we can receive Divine inspiration and guidance and to manifest on this earth plane.


Crown Chakra & the Higher Self

The crown chakra is positioned at the top of the head and is the highest vibrational frequency of the chakras of the physical body.   It is from this chakra that we may open to more flow in our lives and become a conduit for light and love.  It is here that we come to a heightened awareness of the Oneness of all things, that everything is connected in the web of life.

Create a Relationship with the Higher Self

As we develop our understanding and relationship with the crown chakra we become more awakened to the need to be compassionate and understanding with ourselves and others.  The daily practice of communicating with our Higher Self (through mindfulness, prayer, mantra, and meditation) we open a channel for thoughts of loving kindness.  The path of the Higher Self is one of heart-based living rather than having the self-serving agenda of the ego that is never satisfied and values life by what can be possessed, competitiveness and in the judgement of others.


Your Ego does not want you to know this

Your Ego does not want you to know this because it just might have to do something different and it likes to hold fast to its self-absorbed beliefs.  That’s why most people like quick fixes to everything.  It takes a true seeker and someone who is willing to make a commitment to their personal and spiritual growth to take the path towards awakening, awareness and the Higher Self.


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Resource Inspiration:
Iyanla Vanzant – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up|
Dr Wayne W. Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the art of Manifesting


Your Ego does not want you to know thisWith love, light and many blessings
Wishing you all that you wish for yourself
Namaste Jules x
Master Energy Practitioner
Writer, Healer, Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Therapist


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Your Ego Does Not Want You to Know This
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