self-sabotage and the root chakra

Self-sabotage and the Root Chakra

Whoa this is a big area to take a look at!


When you find yourself Uprooted!

I share with you that my Root Chakra has had to be very strong, especially in the last 18 months.  I emigrated from England to France, not very far away but so incredibly different in every way!  I have been totally unrooted!  I have moved away from my family, my children, my mum, my friends, my home, my traditions, my customs and my language and even my food – I have moved to a new culture on every level.  All these elements have changed for me.  It’s a different lifestyle even down to the hours I keep (the French like lots of holidays and long lunch breaks it seems!).  All has changed! Big challenges for the Root chakra.


Connection – The Root Chakra

The primary areas of connection with the Root Chakra are with your body, your home, your work and your finances.  It is here that we relate to the physical world that we live in and it is in these areas that we most often self-sabotage.  The Root is where we create a foundation in our life to build upon so it is pretty important to create a strong sense of safety and security for yourself as a solid basis.  Here we are going to focus on the finance area of the Root chakra.


This is not a lesson in financial management but a guide to helping you create more security in your life and ‘getting real’ so you can free up your energy for living your life.  These are simple steps that you might be overlooking or neglecting, stepping stones for you to become more grounded and find more balance.  I know that we all love the ‘connecting with Mother Nature’ part of the Root chakra, however, this is just important.  We are spiritual being living an earthly existence.  The seemingly mundane needs our loving attention too.


Self Responsibility

Self-sabotage happens when we choose to not take responsibility for ourselves whether it is out of ignorance or fear.  Often it is a case of living a blinkered life of not wanting to know what to do or how to do it, up to the point of burying your head in the sand and being totally oblivious to the consequences of your actions – or inactions!  This can be very tempting when you feel you are living your dream – reality just seems to get in the way!



The following are just some of the ways we can get in our own way and cause ourselves some unnecessary problems.  If we want life to flow with more ease and to reduce stress, stop procrastination and feel more grounded, safe and secure, then check out list below and make some plans to begin to pay more attention, and take action.


Let’s take a look at basics of the Finance aspect of your Life

  1. Are you opening your mail as it arrives? Are you ignoring/avoiding post that looks like bills or bank statements?
  2. Do you have your accounts in order? Do you have a filing system?
  3. Do you know when your regular household bills are due?
  4. Do you know when certain payments finish?
  5. Do you understand your income and expenditures and live within your means? Are you dealing with any debts?
  6. Do you budget?
  7. Do you know where the leaks are in your finances? E.g. groceries, dining out, takeaway food, magazines
  8. Do you complete your tax returns on time?
  9. Do you have your insurances sorted out? E.g. health, car, house
  10. Do you have your will written?


This has been challenging for me personally as all the post has arrived in another language and we are still split between the two countries financially.  Communications have been a real issue but something that we just throw ourselves into and give it a go.  It seems to be working, slowly but surely (we also have the French bureaucracy and red tape to deal with!).


Press the Pause Button and Reset

If you have recognised yourself avoiding any of these points it is time for you to take account and avoid actively sabotaging your life.  Time to press the pause button, to take stock and to clear the path ahead of you.   In doing so, you will feel a higher sense of awareness, you will have more clarity in your mind and you will create space to be inspired and creative.  In creating a mini-pause you find a breathing space where you build your strength, nourish your spirit and create your resilience to life’s day to day demands.  You discover a fresh new perspective and click the reset button to your life.


All the above can drain your energy and get in the way of you feeling more in the driving seat of your life instead of anticipating or creating your own problems.  It’s vital for your wellbeing to be able to rely upon yourself and to build a strong level of self-trust.  Being fully present in your life means to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and to deal with life in a realistic, mature and adult manner.  Your playful, carefree inner child can have plenty of time when all of these matters are put in place as you will feel more light-hearted, happier and optimistic.  It’s not all serious! – it will set you free!


Let go of pressure, stress and procrastination

Procrastination just builds pressure and stress.  Tackling each area systematically and methodically removes the psychological, mental, emotional and physical blocks that manifest through self-sabotage.  To be in conflict with yourself is to create inner battles through your resistance to provide the safety and security that you need.  When you feel overloaded with stress it is so easy to pass the blame onto someone or something else.  This only adds another layer of conflict.  Be self-accountable and responsible.  We can be interdependent and share these tasks but don’t hand over ALL as being the duty of someone else as you make yourself incredibly dependent upon them.  It is always a good thing to be able to create this foundation for yourself.


So why put it off any longer? The Universe rewards action!


Are you neglecting any of these areas?  Are you finding a deep resistance to particular financial areas?  Fear can begin to rule your life.  As your finances form a part of your foundation, the Root Chakra, you can be sabotaging  many other areas of your life at the same time when you don’t pay attention to these responsibilities.  It is an act of self-care, love and attention.


Be gentle with yourself

As always, be gentle and kind with yourself.  You can turn these issues around very quickly.  If finance is not an area you feel confident in or you feel fear then seek help.  You will find that people really do want to be of assistance and guide you to finding the best way out of any difficulties.  Bank managers are friendlier than you think!


I understand that this could all seem incredibly overwhelming is you are in a position of unemployment or your job is at risk, or if life circumstances have taken an unexpected turn and you feel the rug has been pulled from under your feet.  I know, I’ve been there!  There are so many people you can turn to for help.  It is always best to deal with things as they arise as new arrangements can be made before you find yourself in any difficulties.


Life can take many twists and turns, at the Root Chakra you are building a foundation that you can depend upon and trust.  Life takes some maintenance in this physical realm.  Your world is sacred and deserves you to honour it as such by giving it your loving attention.


Goal Today:

  • Simply begin by opening your post. Set one pile for action the other for filing.
  • Buy a file and put things away as you have dealt with them.
  • Make a list of your household and other finances: rent, mortgage, electricity, gas, water, rates, insurance, tax, mobile phone, internet, food, petrol, car maintenance, credit cards payments and the extras like entertainment, savings, holidays, clothes, gifts.
  • Create a budget. Make a spreadsheet of your expenses against your income.
  • Identify your leaks. Look where you can create savings.  Research comparison websites.  Become savvy with your money.
  • Look at your direct debits and standing orders and when they are due for payment. You could be still paying monthly payments for things that you no longer have a use for or even forgotten you had!

So, have you been sabotaging your finances?  Be honest and truthful with yourself.   When you know better you can do better and you will be sowing seeds for success and creating a better future.  Balancing and healing the Root chakra guides you to becoming fully present in your life.




Creating Your Life from the Inside Out

Use the above to  nourish and balance your Soul energy and so create the Life you were meant to live!  Creating a Life of Flow! You will resonate at a higher frequency and attract to you the same, thus flowing in resonance with The Law of Attraction.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”
You can begin today to heal your life from the Inside Out. ~ Jules


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Self-sabotage and the Root Chakra
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