Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing

Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing

Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra

When the Sacral Chakra  is out of balance or blocked we can experience feelings of insecurity and this can lead us to feeling a sense of lack and inferiority deep within us.  It can manifest in us becoming over competitive, stubborn and resistant.  We may put up barriers around us to protect and guard ourselves against these feelings.  We fear losing out and become dependent on the opinion of others.  We have a tendency to repress or over intellectualise our feelings.

We can feel stuck, frustrated and lethargic.  We can easily become overwhelmed and we can withdraw to the point that we begin to feel depressed.  It is often through the Sacral Chakra that we reach out for stimulation and in a state of imbalance this can lead to addictions and obsessions.   We can feel unsettled, distracted and fragmented, emotionally blocked and disconnected to our feelings. We are open to others taking advantage of us when our boundaries are too low and feel cut-off from others when they are too high.  Our intimate relationships can suffer as we are unable to connect with the feelings of passion and sensuality.

Balance in the Sacral Chakra

When the Sacral Chakra energy is balanced then our capacity for creation is unleashed.  We have tremendous creative energy within us and exceptional vitality. We get more into the flow of our lives and are able to embrace and welcome change because we know that it is for our ultimate spiritual growth.  We act with emotional intelligence and discover how we can become a master of our emotions.  We remember that we also need to feel nurtured and we give to ourselves.  We are open to enjoy relationships and friendships whilst at the same time honouring our values and creating healthy boundaries.  Pleasure is a great part of our lives, both giving and receiving.  We have a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.  Life becomes a sensory experience as we connect in relationship with the world around us.  Passion for life is ignited and we become increasingly more inspired and creative.  We are not afraid to take care of our own needs.


Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing


Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing

Orange is the colour resonance with the Sacral Chakra.  Crystals that have this energy signature within them help to balance the chakra in a natural way.  You  can place a crystal upon the sacral chakra (2 inches below the navel) either whilst you lie down and relax or placed in the palm of your hand and held upon the chakra whilst sitting and recite Sacral Chakra Affirmations.  You can lie them under your pillow and invite the energy of creativity and inspiration into your life.


When in this place of awareness, mindfulness and relaxation you can open to healing and balancing.

Afterwards, rinse your sacral chakra crystals and cleanse them with spring water or sage smoke. Place then outside in the sun or the moon for a day/evening to allow them to regain their vibrancy.


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Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing
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