Root Chakra Challenge

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This book has been written with the intent to inspire, encourage and enlighten you to live your ‘whole’ life, as every moment is a part of the whole experience, not just the left over bits when you have divided yourself into a hundred pieces to fulfil a thousand tasks to keep others happy!



Here is a unique and enlightened guide to working with your own Energy Body – The Chakras beginning with the Root Chakra.

21 Practices and Principles teaching you how to integrate spiritual and personal development into your whole life through holistic experiential learning.



From Foundation Knowledge to Masterclass you will go on a journey of self-exploration, releasing blocks that are holding you back, balancing and healing your energy along the way.

Filled with bonus content in the form of MP4 recordings this workbook and journal will help you to create your own Chakra Healing Toolkit!


“I gently encourage you to trust your body and discover your own innate wisdom within, empowering you to take an active part in your Chakra Soul Path journey this lifetime.” – Jules


  • Open to the Ultimate is self-love and nurturing
  • Create a strong foundation to build upon
  • Develop a better relationship with yourself that will influence your whole life
  • Discover techniques that will serve you no matter what is happening in your life
  • Feel more contentment, inner peace and positivity
  • Begin the journey to manifesting your dreams and discovering your purpose


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Energy flows where thought goes

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root chakra challenge workbook & journalAbout the Author

Jules is a qualified Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master & Healer, Yoga Therapist, Colour Counsellor and Holistic Life Coach and creates Online Chakra Challenges to a worldwide audience. She is also a gifted Aura Interpreter and runs a Healing School and retreats where she now lives, in the magical forest of Huelgoat in Brittany, France. – Dreams do come true!



click here to download your FREE Book NOW 🙂



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Root Chakra Challenge Workbook & Journal
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