Relationship Chakra Soul PathRelationship Chakra Soul Path – The Sacral Chakra

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Relationships resonate in energy. We attract to us that which we need in order for us to learn and grow. When two become one, in relationship, they form a new energy between them. In this joining together we also face our fears and negative aspects. As we learn our combined strengths they support us through the trials we face on our journey together. There is always a higher purpose to your relationship.

When we have a deeper understanding of the dynamics, chemistry – “the energy” of a relationship we can begin to heal together. When we know better we do better! Because energy synchronises, resonates and attracts, one person in the relationship can often make the difference!

Reconnect and Re-discover each other

When we feel we are losing connection with our partner in life it doesnt have to mean is over. It is a message to reconnect and rediscover all the reasons you have come together in the first place. We grow and we learn through the challenges that face us. Sometimes we have our own battles to fight within and lose sight of the one who has stood beside us for so long. You could be thinking that you need a new love in your life when the love you have is the real thing.

We attract to us the relationship that resonates with our vibrations. Some people we meet are for a season, a reason or a lifetime. When you meet the one you want to spend your lifetime with you feel a deep sense of knowing, the rest of the relationship is a catching up to what the Soul already knows. You are Love and form a mirror to each other’s Soul.

What is the energy of your Relationship Chakra Soul Path?

There are at least 45 combinations of chakra energy in Relationship Chakra Soul Paths and each will have its individual and unique expression.  Many will share significant similarities in the lessons and challenges that face them and also the gifts of the Soul that are expressed in relationship when they are aligned with one another.

Trust Yourself

Love does not harm, abuse and disrespect.  It does not involve lies, deceit or anything that risks your wellbeing.  It does not contain excessive and unreasonable demands.  The greatest lesson in love is to trust yourself.  You know when the relationship is not for you.  Listen to your heart and your instincts and do not be led by romantic ideology and need.  While you are wasting your time with the wrong person you might just miss the right one!

“If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned to yours, send them love and move along” – Wayne Dwyer

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.” – The Dalai Lama

Soul Path Entwined – The Sacral Chakra

When two paths are entwined in the energy of the Sacral Chakra it is a relationship that is filled with creativity.  There is incredible magnetism between them both sexual and in all others realms of being.  There is wonderful rapport and not just a relationship of love and togetherness but one of great friendship.  They are both sensual and enjoy sharing love in a physical form of expression.  They have deep feelings and desires for each other.  They have no fear of change through their lives together as it is recognised as the path to their relationship evolving.  They share their emotions with each other as they honour and cherish one another.

Anything that we do, we can overdo and underdo, the secret is balance.

The challenges of this relationship arise when they lack co-operation with each other or when their creative energy is blocked.  They can become bored and emotionally sensitive which can lead to frustration.  The relationship can become one of dependence and stifle the essence of creativity which is their greatest gift, this can lead to resentment. When this energy is out of balance it can become one of emotional withdrawal.

This can be an exciting relationship and one that is mutually supportive in creating a life that balances the needs of each other in a journey for a lifetime.

 Finding the Higher Purpose of your Soul Path Relationship

To find the balance in a Soul Path relationship is to reconnect and rediscover all the reasons you are together for this journey this lifetime.  We grow and we learn through the challenges that face us, and in relationship we do it together.  The beauty is there to be revealed.

When their is such beautiful potential within this Soul Path Relationship why not open to that which is waiting for you?  We all experience challenges in all of our relationships, let us help you and guide you back to the Soul Path of Love.

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Relationship Chakra Soul Path ReadingWith love, light and blessings
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Relationship Chakra Soul Path – The Sacral Chakra
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