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Mothers & Daughters


Mothers & Daughters Root Chakra Inspiration



We Choose Our Parents

In the last week, I have received a lot of messages about mother and daughter relationships and the difficulties that can exist. With some its an ongoing problem that has existed for years, others it has reached a stage of estrangement. It causes so much pain. I know that I have karma with my own mother. It is said that we choose our parents before we come to this Earth plane so that we can learn the lessons we need to in this lifetime for our spiritual growth.


Honour Your Feelings

Whenever there is conflict or separation we can protect our energy, we can send out love, we can hold our ground in peace. We must honor our feelings and ensure that we acknowledge our self-worth.


Let Go of Trying to Be Perfect

That means to let go of shame, feelings of unworthiness, let go of trying to be perfect. Give yourself permission to feel vulnerable, to feel your heart and to fill it with love and compassion for the relationship and for yourself.


Let Go of Expectations

The expectation of how things should be or could be will only hold you in a place of pain and take you away from the present moment. Acceptance of what is and sending loving energy to heal the situation will free you to live your life and to be an example of heart-based living and loving kindness.


Joy and Happiness are Yours

Sometimes the mother or the daughter is not ready in their own spiritual and personal development and rather than sacrifice your own spirit and the joy and happiness that is yours, you raise your head, keep your heart open and your boundaries firm.


Be The Change You Would Like To See

Let your thoughts, words, and actions come from the woman you are today and not from the hurt child within you and she will heal.
with love Jules x


Mothers & Daughters Root Chakra Inspiration
Powerful Questions for the Root Chakra


Do I feel like I have to be perfect to be loved?

Do I feel like I have to earn approval?

What do I fear?

How do I respond to my mothers/daughters negative energy?

What assumptions do I make?

Can I find a way that I can protect myself, honor myself and still have this relationship?

How do I put these insights into practice?

How can I begin?

Am I willing?


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Mothers & Daughters Root Chakra Inspiration
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