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Tonight is the night of the March Seed Moon, it is also known as the Moon of Winds, Worm Moon or Crow Moon.  As the ground thaws the energy breaks into the open and we welcome a new season.  It offers us the opportunity for new beginnings.  We respect the need for balance in all things.

Last night the moonlight shone into my bedroom, filling the room with soft, silver light.  I bathed in her beauty and set my intention through my dream-time.  This is the oracle that came to me.



New Beginnings

This month plant the seeds for what you would like to experience more of: love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy, togetherness and let it begin with you.  I invite you to look at your closest relationship with your wife, husband or partner.  View it from the eyes of new beginnings. Remember the first time you said “I love you”, the first kiss, the first date you had….. Remember all the reasons you decided to share your life with this person.  For one moment imagine that you could not hold this person in your arms again and let that guide you to give your love and your attention.

Balance in All Things

This is a time to reignite, rekindle and reconnect with one another.  Accept that all relationships are different and celebrate your uniqueness.  Let this be the new beginning of sharing your love together.  We become busy making our livings that we can forget our lives and those closest to us.  Give as much attention to love as you do to your work.  Balance in all things.


Surrender to the Spiritual Growth that takes place as you live from your heart and plant the seeds of love in your life.  Trust that the Universe will support you and go with the flow without any resistance, surrender to love.

Jules x

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Full Moon Oracle – March Seed Moon
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