Are you bringing in old habits and routines into every new day?

Living Through the Chakras


old habits and routines


“The quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of questions one asks oneself.” — Tony Robbins

Why is this? How can we use questions to get more out of life?

When we make a statement, we primarily use our logical, rational, left brain. Statements affirm what is. Questions, on the other hand, invoke more of our intuitive, creative right brain. They challenge us to discover what might be. While statements are static, questions lead us into unexplored territory. They open doors to new possibilities!

Just for today – Living through the Chakras

Start today with a clean slate.  Its new, it’s fresh and it’s a canvas to paint a new day!  When you can do this for just one day, you can start again the next day and then the next.  Just watch how the quality of your life changes in a very short time.


Serenity & Peace – Living through the Chakras

If you would like to experience more serenity and peace in your life then begin by making space for it to be present.  What we resist only persists and causes us to suffer.  When we turn our focus and awareness of peace, peace grows.  We attract to us those things that we focus on, they become our reality.

Accept this day, and all days, as a beautiful gift.  It is an opportunity to create afresh, new beginnings.  Affirm to yourself: “Nothing is worth disturbing my peace”, make it your mantra.  You will find that you can achieve so much more, even when strongly challenged when you come from a place of peace within.


New Beginnings – Living through the Chakras

New beginnings are available to you each day.  Accept them with new ways of being, step out of old habits and routines that cause you stress.  Be a creator in your life and celebrate your freedom to make choices.  If you don’t like something, change it.


Intuition – Living through the Chakras

Let your intuition be your guide.  FEEL more than think your way to peace and serenity.  Create space to do those things that make you happy.

Ask yourself: What old habits and routines would I like to change? And listen to the answers within.



Living through the Chakras

Jules x
Master Energy Practitioner





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Are you bringing in old habits and routines into every new day?
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