solar plexus chakra open to synchronicity“I can and I will”
Living through the Chakras

Believing in yourself is an element of the Solar Plexus Chakra and a part of your living through the chakras. Today treat every action as if you cannot fail.  Believe in everything you do with all your heart and soul.  Create a “knowing” within you that you can co-create with the Universe.  You are hand in hand, you are not alone.  Take those steps forward that you have been holding back from.

Affirm to yourself:  I can and I will…..

Usually we are the ones that stand in our own way through the energy of fear and perpetuating doubt.  Have you ever found yourself self sabotaging, building everything up and then cancelling everything and tearing it all down, just because you have lost your belief in yourself?

You Are Not Alone – Living through the Chakras

When you know that you are not alone, and that your guides walk by your side every moment of your life, you can take a deep breath and ask for some help.  Trust that you will receive guidance.  It may arrive in a sudden sense of knowing, a gut-feeling, an inspiration in the form of a sign, symbol or synchronicity.  They contact you in many ways.  When you trust and believe that what you have asked for is coming your way, you are ready to receive.

Trust, Believe, Receive – Living through the Chakras

Can you imagine a child asking you to mend a toy but every time you begin to make the repairs she takes the toy out of your hands! You wouldn’t get very far!  That is exactly what it is like when you hand over your problems to the Universe.  If you keep on pulling the problem back into your mind and energy it is impossible to begin to help you.  Trust that you will be guided to actions that will help you, heal the situation or replace it with something entirely better that you could not have imagined if you had held yourself in a place of fear.

Be True To You – Living through the Chakras

Be true to you. Surrender comparisons or self-judgement which send the Solar Plexus Chakra out of balance. Surrender expectations, as life is far more exciting than you could imagine when you just let go.  This is your journey.  Be honest about your situation that is causing you a problem.  Let go of fear and hand it over to the Universe in full trust. You will receive all that is for your Highest Good.

I hope that you enjoyed this reading and put it to good use! Make sure you don’t stand in your own way x


Jules x
Master Energy Practitioner




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“I can and I will” – Living through the Chakras
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