How you can see an aura

How You Can See an Aura

How you can see an aura –  Before we begin, it is a great confidence booster to be able to ‘feel’ the aura with your hands before you begin to practice being able to ‘see’ the aura with your eyes.

To tune in to more than the physical body gives you a greater appreciation of the true nature of all things.  Everything is energy!  Starting with the basics can take you on a journey to learning how to work with your own Chakra Energy Body and become more creative in your life for your holistic wellbeing – Creating and healing your life from the Inside Out.

Sensing the Aura

If you rub the palms of your hands together very quickly so that you can feel warmth build, just for a few seconds.  Then separate the palms about 5cm away from each other.  You are seeking to feel a warmth and a density of the space between the palms, like a magnetic pull.  Take the hands a little further apart, still sensing the energy between the palms.  Move your palms towards each other and then pull away a few times as if bouncing the energy in your hands.  What you are feeling is your own electro-magnetic field, your auric space!


Auric Massage

You can practice this exercise with others.  Find a willing partner! – and after practicing the above sensing exercise, take your hands approximately 10 cm from the crown of their head and move your palms down the sides of their head, over their shoulders.  Let your hands gently massage the auric space around their body.  Sense into your hands to feel the same magnetic sensation.   When you have finished, gently smooth the energy from the Crown and over the shoulders to close the exercise (still working approx. 10 cm from the physical body).  It is a beautiful practice to add loving and healing thoughts for your partner whilst you practice Auric Massage.


How You Can See an Aura

To see the aura we need to tune in to the frequency of energy that makes it possible, which is of a higher vibration than that of the Earth Plane.  It is always good to practice a meditation first of all to move your energy to a higher level, a higher vibration, before you begin.  Just sitting quietly, taking your awareness within and connect to your breath.  Sensing your body, feeling your heartbeat and rest with the breath for a few minutes.


  1. Hold your hand up in front of you against a white background, palm facing away from you.  Take your gaze between the fingers of your hand and relax your gaze.  As you are gazing, without moving your eyes, look through your periphery vision (at the sides) and see if you can see a silver, white haze, like a foggy cloud around your hand.  It may only be a 1cm wide.
  2. Do the same with another person.  Ask them to stand in front of a white background, facing you.  Ask them to close their eyes to avoid distraction.  Gaze into the 3rd eye in the centre of their forehead.  Relax the muscles around your eyes and behind your eyes.  Again, without moving your eyes, use your periphery vision to see the auric field.  It will appear like a mantle surrounding the person.
  3. You can also try this with trees.  It is best at dawn or dusk.  Stand about 100yrds away and focus on the top of the tree.  Again, repeat the relaxed gaze and shift to your periphery vision.

Don’t worry if you cannot see the aura on your first attempt, it may take a little practice.  You are opening to your 6th sense, to a new way of seeing and perceiving.  Be patient with yourself.  You can practice with flowers and plants in your home.  You can even try to see your own aura by gazing into a mirror!



Testimony to Aura Reading:

This client had been suffering from serious illness for a year.  She had the first photo taken during her treatment.  The aura was much weakened.  After 5 months she had another photo which demonstrated the results of her building strength, her health and vital life force energy (red).  She felt comforted and more hopeful of her journey to recovery and the active part she could play.  She felt empowered!

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How You Can See an Aura
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