How To Reconnect With Your Intuition

As I have been writing the 21 Day Ajna Third Eye Chakra Balancing Challenge, I have come to realise the fear that people have of their own intuitive ability.  Many do not realise that they are using their 6th sense, their intuition, daily without even paying attention.  They spend their time anguishing over decision making and worry.  They lose their very trust in themselves as they surrender to fear rather than trust.  They feel that they are alone and yet there is such a support available to them if only they could learn to listen within.

There are many methods to build a practice to develop your intuitive skills.  By simply introducing some new ways of being into your life that with raise your awareness.

Our instincts have developed and evolved over time.  In the early days of man they were essential for survival.  Since the age of reason and science we have lost our connection with the very guide that keeps us safe and helps us on our spiritual journey.  As the gap between science and spiritually merge together and support each other we are returning to honour our Spiritual Self.

Reconnect to Your Intuition

There are many ways to connect with your intuition. Most imagine that it happens through your vision and that you see things, I think that is where a lot of fear comes from.  However, your sixth sense is a culmination of all your senses and takes each one to a higher level. Im sure that you are already more “in tune and in touch” than you realise.

Inner Voice

You may hear an Inner Voice – this is the voice of your Higher Self, the part of you that is connected to the Higher Consciousness known as Source Energy.  It may sound just like your own voice but speak in the second person, so rather than saying “I” it says “You”, it is a guidance.

Body Talk

You may sense through your body – you may feel sensations in your body, tingles, shivers, goosebumps, heat, cold, butterflies in your tummy, leaps of your heart, lightness within.  There are many physical ways to intuit.

Inner Vision

You may see through your Third Eye – this may appear in day dreams, visions, sleep, and imagination. Becoming more creative is a great way to develop this sense.

Intuit Aroma

You may intuit through your sense of smell – a scent or aroma.  It could be the perfume of someone who has passed away.  A scent that makes you recall a person, a place or a situation.

Intuit Through Your Feelings

Your feelings are your best guide – always question what you are feeling and why.  Sometimes there is a knowing within that you are just certain.  That it is as you feel it is.  You know.  This can be a very good precognition of how to follow your instincts.

7 Ways to Develop Your Sense of Intuition

To develop your sense of intuition consider introducing some of these practices into your daily life:

  • Ensure that you are making space for yourself daily so that you can hear and feel into your Inner Being. If you allow the pace of life to run you and not “step out” and hold a space for yourself for solitude, peace and reflection you will not hear and feel the vital instincts that are there to guide you.
  • Live your life more mindfully. Create a high notion of the Now as being the only moment and let your awareness and attention be concentrated in what you are doing in that moment 100%.  Value and savour the moment for it is all there really is.
  • Become the observer of life and take notice of the signs and synchronicities that surround you. Respond rather than react to your Universe.
  • Listen deeply to your Inner Voice and feelings. Honour and value your ability to feel and pay attention.  Create a dialogue with your Inner Voice.  Ask questions and await the answers, trust that they will appear.
  • Let go of worry and trust your Universe. Trust that what you seek is also seeking you.  Focus more on your own growth and spiritual development and all that you ask for will arrive in time.  It may not appear as you would expect but trust that all will guide you to the learning you need in order for you to grow.
  • Connect with your dreams and use them as a model for the release of your thoughts and emotions. See them as a visual performance of your hopes, dreams and fears.  Use them as an aid to letting go and going deeper into your inner world.
  • Do not fear your intuition. Learn to trust it.  Many of the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs have made decisions on gut instinct.  Many solutions leading to inventions have arrived in dream time!

I hope that you can join us on the next Chakra Challenge and discover more of the above in 21 daily practices.  Learn how to tap into your intuition and create a guiding vision for your life.

Hope you are having a beautiful day.  I can’t wait to share more ways of creating a happier, healthier and more abundant life!  Speak soon.

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How To Reconnect With Your Intuition
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