How do I manifest abundance?How do I manifest abundance in my life?

This is a question that we all want the answer to!

Every cell of our body holds an electrical charge.  The Earth we stand upon is held within a Universal gravitational, magnetic force. We are nourished through the Earth beneath our feet and the Heavens above our heads.  The chakras (energy centres) within our bodies transport this electro-magnetic energy up and down the chakras and also expressing outwards into our Universe and receiving from it.

Everything is pulsating with energy and this energy is intelligent.  It carries information.  We communicate with the Universe with our every thought, emotion, word and deed.

What is it that you consider abundance?

Maybe it is financial wealth, health, happiness, a great relationship….? Or all of these things and more.  The truth is that the Universe wants you to have joy, love and inner peace, abundance on all levels. But, how do we achieve it?

We must align our energy to that of the Universe.  Our vibrations must resonate in harmony with that which we wish to attract.  Most of us spend our lives knowing and speaking of all the things that we Don’t Want.  We align our vibration to a negative statement and thoughts of a negative situation.  The Universe cannot communicate with us in this way.  What we must do is to start thinking, feeling and acting in accordance with what it is we wish to attract. E.g. If you want love in your life – Be Love, If you want peace in your life – Be Peace.

Tune In & Align

We must “tune in” like a radio frequency in order to be heard and understood.  When we attune to the vibration/frequency of that which we wish to attract we are communicating clearly and positively.  We are attracting to us abundance.

This is not a passive exercise, it take awareness and commitment to your energy body.  It is a holistic process operating on all levels of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The vehicle is through the chakras.  You must open your crown chakra to divine communication, visualise through the 3rd eye chakra, speak out and express yourself into the Universe through the throat chakra, resonate love through the heart chakra, take action through the Solar Plexus chakra, get creative and be open to change through the Sacral Chakra and be prepared and grounded through the Root Chakra to manifest.

You can see, therefore, if there is a blockage in the energy flow, or if there is imbalance you are less likely to fully manifest.  It is a constant practice of bringing yourself into centre, balance and flow.

Take Holistic Action in Balancing Your Chakras

Most people have great ideas but don’t have the confidence and self-belief to carry them through. There are others that take massive action and are very creative but fail because they are not grounded and responsible. There are those that are all talk and no action and others that keep their ideas secret and hidden and never manifest because they are never heard.  There are those that believe that because energy flows where thought goes, they only have to think about it and it will manifest! These are all chakra imbalances! Great news is that they can change – abundance is waiting for you to claim it!  It is more than imagining, believing and receiving, it takes holistic action.  The Universe rewards action!

It is my life purpose, intention and honour to guide and teach you how to do this in order for you to live the life you were meant to live – filled with abundance!

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How do I manifest abundance in my life?
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