full moon oracleFull Moon Oracle –  May Flower Moon

Hi, we would love to share our Full Moon Oracle for the month of May with you.  This month the energy of the Earth is a celebration of Joy.  From the seeds planted,  the flowers are in bloom.  We take our inspiration from this beautiful energy and bring more Joy into our everyday life.

Joy & Happiness

What is the difference between Joy and Happiness?  It is quite simple:  Joy comes from the heart.  It is not dependent on outside influences or circumstance.    Pleasure is experienced in the body, happiness is in the mind and the feelings but Joy dwells in the heart.  When you open your heart to more love you will experience more Joy. Why not start with the love of yourself, your spirit, and what makes you uniquely you?!

Joy is your natural state, a constant. You can wake every morning and choose to feel Joy in your heart and your life through pure appreciation and gratitude.  Joy can become your daily self-expression.  Let the energy of the May Full Moon inspire you.

Creative Joy

How do you find this Joy? Here we get creative! How many times do you find yourself doing things because you have to?  Your day is filled with to-dos and just one big tick list. Even if you are doing something that you love, you are working to a schedule and procedure and letting that suck the Joy out of each moment.  What if you were to stop right now and ask yourself what is it you need? What would your immediate answer be?

I have experienced this sapping of Joy even though I have been living my dream and doing the work that gives me the greatest pleasure.  I set the goals so high and put so much pressure on myself, my journey was becoming a chore rather than a gift of self-expression.  I remembered to take a dose of my own medicine and ask my heart what I needed to feel more joy.  The answer came and it was to get more creative in expressing who I really am, what makes me uniquely me into every day.

This came to me as I took a break to walk around the garden with my husband.  He had made a beautifully crafted bird box and fixed it to an old oak tree, he took me into the garden to see if I would spot it.  It was so special to see something that he had created with his own hands, a true expression of his love for nature and his ideas, time and efforts were there to be seen and enjoyed.

Express What Makes You Uniquely You

As I looked at the box, I saw the beautiful shape of the new oak leaves on the tree and wished silently to myself “I would love to use the shape of the leaf to create a print, but I don’t have the time”.  I realised I have been saying this since I arrived in France 6 months ago.  Every walk in the forest, the beach or the moors have been filled with artistic inspiration but I have kept on saying that it will have to wait.

I was not giving myself the gift of time to do something that would be an expression of the Joy that I feel for nature.  This would not only give me pleasure and happiness but an even deeper state of Joy as I connected from the heart level in the appreciation and gratitude for the natural beauty of nature all around me.

Just For Today

Just for today –If you can be inspired for just one day, why not take that inspiration into each day, one step at a time. Invite the Full Moon Oracle be your inspiration.

Today, find some way to creatively express your true self. What aspects of your being have you been ignoring, forgetting or forsaking.  Make the energy of this May Moon your inspiration to create more Joy in your life!  Even if you only choose one thing you would love to re-introduce, just begin and Joy will arrive before you know it! Joy and Love are a package deal!

full moon oracle

Hope you are having a beautiful day.  Enjoy the May Flower Full Moon. I can’t wait to share more ways of creating a happier, healthier and more abundant life!  Speak soon.Have a wonderful day x


Master Energy Practitioner
Writer, Healer & Holistic Life Coach


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Full Moon Oracle – May Flower Moon
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