chakra soul path readings

Chakra Soul Path Readings



The route to you is through you.

Maybe you are following your spiritual path with consciousness and would like to develop further or perhaps you are just taking those first tentative steps into self-awareness, a Chakra Soul Path Reading is insightful and connects you with your own spiritual power and intuition. The readings operate at the spiritual level of your aura and they provide an insight into your spiritual journey and provide innovative mind, body, spirit healing.  Aligning your energy to that of The Law of Attraction.


The Chakra Keys – Spiritual Blueprint

You can begin to heal your life from the Inside Out from the point of balancing the internal body energy of the Chakras.  This is determined through numerology, numerical patterns that serve as keys to unlock and reveal the unique within.  Your personal Chakra Soul Path Reading guides you to achieving balance through recommended practices and energy medicine prescriptions, so that you are able to attract the positive to your life, naturally bringing to you the life you are meant to live.

All this information is found within the numerical pattern of your date of birth (and time of birth if you know it).  Each of us has four distinct keys that form our spiritual blueprint for this lifetime.


Chakra Soul Path Readings

The Law of Attraction

When your Chakra Keys are balanced you resonate at a higher frequency and therefore you attract a higher frequency of energy from the Universe.  Instead of meeting life in bumps and starts, hitting blocks and struggling you are able to meet life in a more flowing way.  You discover that your health improves, your thinking becomes more positive, your feelings more balanced and you resonate more deeply with your purpose in life.

In other words you live your life with direction, purpose and balance.  These changes work in line with The Law of Attraction and pieces of your life, relationships, work, health, career etc begin to fall into place.

These intuitively guided readings confirm where you are on your Chakra Soul Path Journey at this moment in time.   They help to clear the issues surrounding you in your life that are blocking you from moving forward.


Synchronicity happens when you align with the flow of the Universe, rather than insisting the Universe flow your way.

The Universe is asking…. Show me your new vibration and I will show you miracles.

“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.  The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting” – Abraham Hicks



Creating Life By Internal Design

Determine your Chakra Soul Path and discover your inborn talents, those hidden aspects of you – the missing pieces, your lessons and challenges, potential blocks and discover the keys to understanding your past, clarify your present and empower your future. These readings show your potential and the lessons and practice for you to achieve progress in this lifetime.


Chakra Soul Path Readings

New Meaning Through Self-Awareness

Be empowered to face the challenges and lessons on your life path through self-understanding and self- awareness, engaging with the key principles that guide you on your journey.  Through the integration of your Chakra Soul Path feel the inspiration and new meaning that comes into your life.


Using Numerology, Chakra Physiology and the Psychology of Colour Analysis, creates a reading that can redefine your life.



Please click on link below to order and process payment.  I will then contact you for your date of birth and the question you would most like to ask of your Soul Path before I start creating your beautiful Chakra Soul Path Reading.  Why wait a moment longer?!  If you want to discover your purpose and direction in life and find more peace, love and happiness – begin now! x

You will discover your spiritual expression in this world, your hidden gifts to reveal and develop, your challenges of which to be mindful and your spiritual purpose this lifetime!

Received via email :£37 (approx. 48 USD, 60 AUD, 59 CAD, 67 NZD, 40 EURO)



“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”
You can begin today to heal your life from the Inside Out. ~ Jules





julesJules Blythe is a former Corporate Training & Development Consultant and now runs her own practice in France working online as a Master Energy Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach.  She helps people to become empowered to create their lives from the Inside Out and to discover their True Purpose, so that they can create more, peace, love and happiness in their lives. .
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