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Chakra Soul Path Coaching 1-2-1

You can find the direction and purpose you are searching for and redefine every element of your life, the most powerful and effective way to begin is to look within – the place of all your answers!

Expanding your awareness will expand your life! Click here to read more about Chakra Soul Paths. This system does not require any specific belief system, it acts as a model and a guide for your personal and spiritual development.



Guiding You Within

If you are searching for your purpose and need some direction in your life, if you are in a period of transition and change, then this is the place for you.  You will discover your inner strength and your gifts of spirit that will support you through your entire life.


Gain a New Perpective – Clarity & Direction

It is amazing what can be achieved in such a short time with a program of 4 sessions over an 8 week period.  It enables you to have a whole new perception on your life and get on with living to the full.  At the same time you feel supported with the tools to help you in the future.


Support, Guidance & Empowerment

I have found that the best way to help and to be able to give more value is to work via email (although Skype is available by request).  This method gives time for you to reflect rather than having to respond immediately as in a conversation. You can choose the time you engage with your session and have a copy of the guidance so that you can reinforce your Soul Path Coaching as and when you feel.   The writing of your thoughts and feelings has a cathartic effect, you can choose to keep your notes to see your progress or you can dispose of them in a healing ritual as you let go of those things that are holding you back.

You are invited to send updates throughout the week between appointments so the moment is captured of your successes and/or challenges.  I am able to align the sessions to the feedback you give me and create a truly personal and unique experience for each person.  You are supported, guided and empowered through the process.


Discovery Call

Discovery CallTo help decide if this is for you I offer a free Discover Call to discuss topics such as:

Are you going through a challenging period in your life?
Is this a time of great change for you?
Are you feeling exhausted and stressed?
Are you feeling fearful?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your emotions?
Are you feeling anxious and don’t know what direction to take?
Are you feeling alone?
Are you feeling stuck?

Click here to read more about your Discovery Call


Chakra Soul Path Coaching

Using Numerology, Psychic Physiology and Psychology of Colour Analysis to analyse,  your Chakra Soul Path Coaching is a gift to yourself, one that can be redefining to your Life Journey.

In only four sessions find a sense of direction and bring new levels of clarity, serenity and purpose to your life.  Discover the essence of your being.  Uncover those hidden and suppressed elements of your complete self, those missing pieces.  Be empowered to face the challenges and lessons on your Life Path through understanding and self-awareness, engaging with the key spiritual principles and practices that will guide you on your journey.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”
You can begin today to heal your life from the Inside Out. ~ Jules


Discover New Meaning to Your Life

Through the integration of your chakra energy feel the inspiration and new meaning that comes into your life.  Learn how to connect to your inner wisdom and trust yourself.  Using the following powerful Energy Medicine techniques for self-healing and balancing, creating individualised and unique Chakra Soul Path Coaching sessions.

Conducted via email (Skype by request)
A package of four sessions over 8 weeks is only £450
Access to support throughout the 8 weeks
PLUS : FREE Bonus package of supporting PDFs
PLUS Chakra Soul Path Reading
PLUS 21 Days of emails to support the healing of your Heart Chakra
PLUS 21 Days of emails to support the healing of your Root Chakra


Contact Jules at The Chakra House  via email



Chakra soul path 1-2-1 coachingJules Blythe is a former Corporate Training & Development Consultant and now runs her own practice in France working online as a Master Energy Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach.  She helps people to become empowered to create their lives from the Inside Out and to discover their True Purpose, so that they can create more, peace, love and happiness in their lives. .
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