Chakra Hygge Inspiration for Autumn


chakra hygge

Chakra Hygge Inspiration for the Autumn.  Prepare for the birds and create feeders for the next season. Why not have a go at making your own fat ball cupcakes – the birds will love them! Spreading loving kindness!

The birdlife is a big thing for us and fills us with wonder.  We sit in the dining area over breakfast and watch the birds gather on the feeder hanging from the lilac tree.  To think of such beautiful life in a tiny bird, how miraculous is nature.  Watching them and knowing we are helping them survive through the winter gives us a feeling of gratitude as we provide this safe place for them.  A wonderful feeling of connection with nature and slowing the pace of life over breakfast, to linger, to enjoy and to savor the moments together.


chakra hygge

My husband spent last Autumn creating bird boxes from recycled wood and we were so happy to find that the birds came and nested in the Spring.  I love watching him feed the birds in his pyjamas as I make the coffee.

It’s a good life when you open to the simple pleasures and the art of happiness <3
with love Jules x


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Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish word that embodies a feeling of warmth, coziness, home and an appreciative lifestyle.  It is a feeling of happiness.



Chakra Hygge

Chakra Hygge is living your life from the inside out and expressing yourself from the warmth and love in your heart.  It is taking pleasure in the simple things, creating a home of love, peace, and happiness.  It is a creative act of living with gratitude and mindfulness.  It brings you to the moment in celebration and makes the seemingly ordinary into something very special.  It is an opportunity to surround yourself with love, to give yourself the permission to be in the moment and to create your safe place and haven. Best of all, you get to share it!


Chakra Hygge is a journey of loving care and self-nurture, one of unity and togetherness, a life that is meaningful, beautiful and special.


with love Jules x


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Chakra Hygge for the Autumn – 12
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