Blanket of Love – Sacral Chakra



Labels of Self Worth

In this practice, we will be looking at Self Worth.  This is a strong force within the Sacral Chakra.  How do you place value on yourself?  Many of us collect “labels” from others as we grow up, from parents and school teachers and through the relationships we have throughout our lives.  Many of these labels do not serve us well and are not beneficial to our wellbeing.  We may have labels such as “hopeless, useless, stupid, difficult to love” and we wear these mental and emotional labels daily.

Imagine a blanket around you filled with these negative labels.  Think how heavy that blanket would be, how itchy and irritating, how dirty and uncomfortable!  Time for a label detox!

Self-Care & Love

Your own self-value is so important to the way you feel and the choices that you make in your life.  My own worst decisions were always based on not caring enough for myself, I felt if others didn’t care then why should I.  Your own value is based on your inherent worth as a spiritual being living a human life.  Not the things you have, or what you do, or how clever you are, or how others treat you – nothing that includes a comparison to others, or receiving negativity from someone else.  It is your unique qualities that make you who you truly are.

To heal on the level of self value we need to give more care and love to ourselves.  We have to become more self-aware and recognize our own needs.  We must become our own best friend.  To acknowledge ourselves with tender loving kindness.  Imperfections are something we all share, it is part of the human experience.

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I would like you to find a quiet place to sit, select a blanket, shawl or a cover.  Wrap it around your shoulders and close your eyes.  Ask your Guardian Angel to come and help you and to be by your side.  I want you to imagine that this blanket is shimmering with light.  It is glowing with the light of your Spirit.  Every light is like stardust.  Every light contains an element of your unique beauty.

It shines with the spirit of “………………………………………………………………….”

In the space above I invite you to name the qualities, let them flow, ask your Guardian Angel to help you.  It may be quite difficult to start but as you practice it will become easier and easier and you will begin to feel how your recognition of your Self is growing. You will begin to shine brighter and the choices and decisions that you make for yourself with be far healthier, safer and more rewarding.

As you begin to communicate more with your Guardian Angel in this way you can ask questions “What are my strengths?” “What are my talents?” “What makes me feel fulfilled?”  “What are my gifts to share with the world around me?”  The answers will come and they may not be what you expected!

Whenever you wrap this blanket around your shoulders, especially on days when you feel a little below par, you are enveloping yourself in love and inviting your Guardian Angel to sit by you.  All the old labels disappear and you shine.

I created a blanket like this, I bought silver threads and embroidered patterns and attached tiny crystal beads.  I kept the blanket on the arm of the sofa, it was a lovely project and every time I picked it up to work on it I felt I was giving time and love to myself.

Make notes below:

After the practice today, I have come to realize…..

After the practice today I would like to set my intentions to………

My centering thought for today will be……..

How was the practice for you?
Note how you feel before and after your activity

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Blanket of Love – Sacral Chakra
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