7 Day Taster Chakra Practice WorkbookI would love you to accept this free gift from The Chakra House

7 Day Taster Chakra Practice Workbook created just for you


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So much to share!……

After over 30 years of spiritual self-development, study and teaching, I discovered I had a multitude of spiritual principles, practices, rituals and exercises that I have come to love.  I wanted to formalise them into a personal practice and one I could share with others.


Your Own Chakra Wellbeing Toolkit!

I have become so in tune with the chakra energy body over the years that I decided to divide my favourite practices into each of the seven chakras, 21 practices for each of the chakras. This has become my toolkit to dip into to create a daily practice of holistic wellbeing and also our Chakra Balancing e-courses to share this healing with others.

This Taster Practice workbook is the result of living the practice, and sharing with hundreds of people.  It forms the beginning of the journey that you can make with The Chakra House and to work with myself Jules Blythe, Master Energy Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach.  My gift to you – 7 chakra practices for 7 days.


What can be achieved?

Your growing practice will begin to have a positive effect almost immediately.  Where your attention goes your energy flows.  As you begin to pay more nurturing attention to yourself you will be opening to more positivity and your energy will become brighter and lighter.  You will begin to shine.

You will begin to feel more contentment, less fearful and feel more balance and peace.  By following the practice for each chakra you will begin the process to creating alignment with Universal energy and all the wonders that it can bring to the quality of your life.

As this is just the taster, if you choose to continue with your learning with The Chakra House, with 1-2-1- Coaching, E-course Workbooks or Chakra Soul Path Readings, you will soon begin to see synchronicities occur that bring the right people, places and circumstance into your life.  You will be more open to opportunities and this can lead to improved career prospects, relationships, health and holistic wellness.

As you grow and develop in your personal and spiritual awareness you will have a greater sense of inner confidence, you will have a better relationship with yourself; one that is more nurturing, loving and positively supportive.  Just think how that could that influence your whole life?!


Who is it for?

This Taster Chakra Balancing & Wellbeing Practice Workbook is for those who would like to begin to work with their own energy body and start the process of healing and balancing.

It contains 7 methods/rituals/practices for your balancing and healing, one for each chakra. You can do them in your own time, there is no pressure.



So that we can create a positive, supportive and protective space in our group please note:
– Please post in a positive manner, if you have any problems/queries contact me via email or messenger privately.
– Please refrain from posting private personal information.
– Support one another without giving advice. Be kind with each other.
– Please do not promote or pitch your work in any way

  • IMPORTANT KARMA CODE: Please do not share any of the information/posts found in the group anywhere outside of the group. That includes sharing of the 7 Day Taster Chakra Practice Workbook.

So let’s get you started on the road to more peace, happiness and abundance!


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With love, light and many blessings
Wishing you all that you wish for yourself
Namaste Jules x
Master Energy Practitioner
Writer, Healer, Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Therapist



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