2015-09-07 19.11.37The Sacral Chakra is always a favorite in the Chakra Balancing Challenges.  I think that people instinctively know it is the place of pleasure! It sometimes comes as a surprise that there can be quite a lot of balancing work to do here as it is also our place of emotions!  I would love to share with you 3 Simple Steps To Create More Pleasure in Your Life.

Gateway to Pleasure

I’m going to concentrate on the pleasure aspect here of the Sacral Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra is the first gateway between the outer and inner world, our senses and our emotions. Pleasure is drawn in via the senses. Here we can feel a great connection as we become “in touch” with our world around us.   Being open to the simple pleasures of life creates joy in every moment if you tune in to this energy.

Desire, Passion, and Excitement

When this energy is out of balance it can leave us feeling very uncomfortable indeed.  Great question to ask yourself is:

  • Am I feeling a lack of desire, passion or excitement? This was the number one block from the last event!

My lovely group was feeling generally bored with life at the moment and feeling they were living by default rather than getting into the driving seat of their lives.  They were wanting to get more creative and yet couldn’t find the energy to put the effort in.

Simple Pleasure of Life

So, how do you begin to reconnect with a feeling of passion for life?   Lets, go back to “simple pleasures”

The Little Things Count

  • Make a list of all those “little” things that bring you pleasure. E.g. a smile, a cup of coffee in the morning, a cobweb in the sunlight, your first morning cuddle, the feel of hot water in the shower….. This is the list of all the little blessings that can so easily be taken for granted and overlooked.  You rarely miss them until they are gone.

Create A Holiday At Home

  • Think about what gives you the most pleasure when you go on holiday. When you take a break from your regular life and mix things up a little. E.g. breakfast outside, connecting to sounds of the birds, dressing up or down more than you normally do, taking time to do a little yoga or a walk, talking with your loved ones around the table, making more time to make love.  More ideas of how to create a holiday at home atmosphere!  Get creative.  The photo in this blog is of the pleasure of waking to hear the cows chewing the grass and the total tranquility around.  Plan something different this weekend.  See how it makes you feel to inject a little change into your day.  It doesn’t all have to be task orientated and full of have-to-does.

Connect To Your Senses – Get “In Touch” With Life

  • I love to get out of doors and find that Nature is a great cure for all. Create the space to go for a walk and engage all your senses.  Smell the air, feel the breeze, see the changes of the season.  Blessings surround you everywhere when you are open to receive.  I love to pick up shells and stones on the beach, my pockets are usually full of them! It’s great to bring a little of the outside into your home.

Stimulate Your Creativity

I see amazing results through pleasurable practices that create a truly beautiful life.  People become more creative and begin painting again or engaging in crafts they had long left behind.  Even if they walk the children school every day or walk the dog, they begin to sense more, feel more and therefore be more energized.

This beautiful new energy is shared with loved ones and they report more satisfaction in their relationship as they take more time to enjoy one another.  One person’s energy can change the energy of the whole family as it spreads positivity and optimism.  Kids just love taking on these challenges with their parents!

Try these tips for starters and watch out for more as I journey weekly through the chakras as I blog.



Hope you are having a beautiful day.  I can’t wait to share more ways of creating a happier, healthier and more abundant life!

with love
Master Energy Practitioner



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3 Simple Steps to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures
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