21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge

21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge

I would love to share with you a little about what you could gain from taking part in this 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge.  Firstly, you can start at any time and do this in the comfort of your own home.  You will receive a daily email with your challenge, which is a practice and spiritual principal each day along with Master Classes, bonus content, MP4 recordings and downloadable PDFs.  You will be invited to be part of a Closed Facebook Group so that I can inspire and guide you throughout the challenge.  Plus you can become a lifetime member of this group so Im never far away!


So what can you expect from this 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge?

The heart chakra is where we find our ‘centre’ and our place of peace, harmony and balance.

When you participate in the 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge you are going to feel a greater sense of inner contentment by the time you graduate this event on the 21st day! – This is where you open your heart centre to the ultimate in self-love and care.



Heart-Based Living

You will be amazed as you see and feel the difference heart-based living will make in your life.  Even more wonderful is how it spreads around you, influencing every relationship you have and drawing even more love back towards you.


Each day I encourage you to make notes or keep a journal following the prompts in each of your daily challenges emails.  You will see for yourself how far you progress by noting your realizations, creating new intentions and choosing your own centering thoughts for each day.


Pure Essence is Love

Keeping a journal throughout this event you will find it has a cathartic effect on your energy body in a deeply holistic manner.  This means that you open your heart in a courageous way as you are purifying, cleansing, and liberating, releasing and letting go.  What remains within you is the pure essence of your Soul which is Love.


Your heart energy may be in need of balancing and healing.  Perhaps you have been focusing too much on others and being a pleaser, giving too much or maybe you are holding on to past pain.  You may be blaming others or feeling completely lost, without direction, vulnerable and sensitive.  You may even feel your heart is closed and feel you are unloved and disconnected from the feelings of your heart centre.  There are many emotions and behaviours that we experience when the heart chakra is out of balance.  If you recognise a little of yourself here then this event is especially for you.



Set Yourself Free

If you want to invite more love, peace and contentment into your life and are ready to live a heart-based life that will truly set you free then come and join this challenge.


Image what a difference it would make to you to let go of judging and critizicing yourself and to replace the negative inner voice with one of comfort, tender loving care and attention.  All this will come as you gain a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself through your Heart Chakra.


This challenge is truly transformative and day by day you will be building a practice of ultimate self-care as you turn your attention inward.  Where thought goes, energy flows!  Your inner world will become more expansive and open you to a new level of perception and awareness of the love and beauty that surrounds you.


Remember, your heart is your centre, your greatest healer and teacher.


By the way, it’s no good just reading your challenges – you have to perform them – each one is a practice and/or spiritual principle! This is an experiential challenge.


You will get to feel and understand your own energy of the Heart Chakra and that will stay with you forever.  The love that is within your heart is the greatest adventure of all.


It takes time and practice in order to give yourself the love, care, attention and nurturing that you need for your healing, personal and spiritual growth.  It is a life-time journey!  It begins with one step – and then you keep on walking……  You will be uncovering the wonderful, immeasurable, infinite capacity of Love and it all exists within you!


Learn to Trust and Connect with Your Heart Centre

It is your heart energy that will cast light upon fear and love will take its place. It is the light in the darkness.  You will learn to trust your heart.

The inspiration to continue day by day is to visualise and feel with all your senses just how life will be as you begin to live from your heart.  You will discover that the more you give the more you receive, love just grows and grows, love multiplies.  You will find your love limitless, you love without end.  You feel the unity between all beings and it begins in your own sphere with your own relationships.


This 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge will encourage you
to add some very special ingredients to your life!
Patience, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and of course, Love.

As you follow the challenges day by day you are transforming your vibration.  You are reconstructing your perception to a new level of awareness that enriches your whole life.  You are creating a strength within that is based on the qualities and values of the heart chakra and this will serve you through all eventualities, however challenging they may seem.


The practices are for Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart.  They are varied on each event in line with the energy of the Chakra.  e.g. Affirmation, Aromatherapy, Breath Work Pranayama, Body Work, Chakra Psychology and Physiology, Colour Therapy, Coaching, Crystal Healing, Energy Medicine, Feng Shui, Meditation, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Visualisation, Yoga Therapy and much more creating a toolkit of healing to empower you.  Your own Medicine Bag!

Through the heart energy you will ultimately discover your purpose in this lifetime. As you are focusing your awareness (through experiential learning) upon the healing and balancing of your Heart Chakra know that you are inviting a richer, more rewarding inner life.  You are reconnecting with your heart centre and learning how to communicate within and to feel the essence of your being.


Through the heart centre learn how to give to yourself and in this way discover how to be more self-loving and accepting.  Do not wait for things to be perfect before you give yourself this loving kindness as it is ‘unconditional love’, it is not dependent upon anything or anyone.


It is the intention of The Chakra House to be able to help people to discover how they can heal and bring balance to their own lives and be a positive and inspiring force in the world around them.


Feel prepared for the transformation to begin and get into the beautiful and loving flow of the rest of your whole life! Please know that you can become a lifetime member of the Heart Chakra Challenge group and always welcome to return when you feel you need to.


Just click below to enrol and begin this journey together and make friends along the way.  I will be with you each step of the way.


(USD 48, AUD 60, CAD 60, NZD 67, EURO 40)
including access to daily coaching and guidance!
Life time membership to the group.  Bonus Master Classes, MP4 recordings and downloadable PDFs

You can have your own beautiful daily practice, exploring this energy gently and releasing the blocks along the way.  They can be completed in any order and you can participate in as many or as few as you choose.

There is a designed structure and flow to the workbook, however, there is no obligation to do more than you choose to do, no pressure just gentle encouragement.


How much time is needed?

Don’t worry if you feel that you have little time.  These practices can take only 10 mins of your day.  They create a fabulous foundation for your wellbeing working on a different element of the chakra each day.  They also form an amazing, tried and tested, health and wellness toolkit.  We encourage you to give this time to yourself in order to create new healthy ways of being to integrate into your everyday life.


“It is not possible to continuously give to others when you are not replenishing your own energy.  As a Reiki Master and Master Energy Practitioner, I knowhow easy it is to become drained if you do not take care of yourself. Discovering the chakras as a model for spiritual and personal development has totally changed my life!!– Jules

Our hope is that this 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge will act as a first step on the pathway towards creating the life you are meant to live.  The change begins with you and then you can change your world.


ONLY £37 including access to daily coaching and guidance!
Life time membership to the group.  Bonus Master Classes, MP4 recordings and downloadable PDFs

If you haven’t enrolled above click below to process.


How do I manifest abundance?

 Jules @ The Chakra House is Excited To Share This Chakra Practice Workbook e-course With You!Jules is a Master Energy Practitioner and creator and founder of The Chakra House.  She has over 30 years of experience in the field of Personal & Spiritual Development.



“My greatest desire is to serve my Soul Purpose and share with others the tools for living the life you were meant to live – abundant and happy.”


Created with love
Jules Blythe – Master Energy Practitioner

Reiki Master, Yoga Therapist
Aura & Chakra Analyst, Colour Therapist
Holistic Chakra Soul Path Coach
Retreat & Workshop Designer & Presenter

Read more about Jules


What Others Are Saying

We would love to share some of our testimonials from our Chakra Practice Workbook ecourses with you.  We hope that you will join us and continue this Journey Through The Chakras so that you can learn and discover more about your energy body.  We take you on a deeper journey through self-exploration and discover the blocks that are holding you back from attracting a healthier, happier and more abundant life.

Take a journey with us to your wellbeing and open to self-understanding and create more balance, peace and happiness in your life.


phew………… what to say??? Sacral Chakra Challenge??? From beginning to end (although there is no end) Jules is with you to give words of wisdom and encouragement. No pressure…. just reassurance, encouragement and fulfilment….. Doesn’t matter if you fall behind… its not a race or competition.. Lovely to see others posts even though on different levels of development….. would highly recommend. Thank you Jules and all you other lovely ladies for this months of experience…. it WILL stay with me… xxxhugsxxx

I would like to thank you Jules for having facilitated ‘a giant leap’ in my life and health. I have not only learned techniques that I use daily but it has made me more ‘inner self’ conscious. It is exciting as the understanding g of where things are affecting me has made a difference in my experience of my external situation verses my internal thoughts and feelings. A sense of joy and lightness is now with me. Jules Blythe you are amazing. I highly recommend this for everyone… no matter where you are in your wellbeing journey 😊

Thank you for all your time that you have given us. Many of us have learned that we do need to put ourselves first more often. We need to be kind to ourselves and be positive and realize that we are blessed to be here. Put out positive and receive positive in return. Put out love and kindness and receive it in return. Thank you so much!

Hi Jules You and your writing are truly an inspiration and a blessing I have enjoyed the tasks and some I knew , but it has reminded me to use them ! Indeed they have been a source of conversation with some of my own therapy clients this week. A timely reminder to get out of our heads and explore our hearts Thank you !

“Lifes a roller coaster, ive loved this chakra as its helped me to see that it was completely out of balance. Having done the root and sacral too. Im moving upward!”

“The thing about these challenges is that you can go back to each section again and again, and find that things move slowly, or fast, depending upon the balance of your Chakra. That is why I have copied everything off of each challenge, and keep it in a folder nearby my bed. Then I can read through when I have a few minutes, and the most relevant things seem to stand out at me when I most need them! I have had a huge swing of emotions, and also feelings, and each time, I feel I have benefited so much more than I could ever have imagined! x”

“Brilliant – very empowering . I have been experiencing a lot of shift in the last week or so. This course has mirrored so much. I changed my photo again and it totally reflects this golden energy. Thanks Jules”

Incredibly beautiful journey of growth, love and nurture Jules, thank you…Onto the next!…Namaste x”

“thankyou so much for being such an inspiring and wonderful guide through these 21days..youve given me wonderful gifts and treasures to use. Thanks to everyone in the group too …you are inspiring and beautiful goddesses , nameste xxxxxx”

Wow looking back on the questions I’ve definitely been so inspired from the cause!! I’m much more in touch with my passion and creativity, I’ve started painting again and I’m starting a sowing course next week. Getting back into all my hobbies I love and its down to this course inspiring me!! Thank you so much for showing us the way, I’m already looking forward to the next chakras things are starting to flow nicely!!

“Thank you for the opportunity to embark on a new road of Myself. This challenge came at a time where I needed peace for myself. I have gained several tools that will continue to keep me grounded, my energy level up and an overall calmness (which has been noticed by others). I thank you and will continue these daily teachings, digging deeper and learning more.”

“I will make time for myself and my practice
– Because it makes me feel grounded, centred, balanced, happier, calmer, more alive, more connected to the world and more connected to myself
– I know I need to make myself a priority, make time for myself, plan and organise my life so that my needs and desires are made important and scheduled in to my plans so they don’t get lost and forgotten
– Because this will make me very happy and fulfilled and also a better person as I’m being true to myself and living a life that reflects the real me.
– I am most grateful for the variety of tools given to use during this challenge! Some came naturally and others need further practice but so thankful for your advice and guidance Jules. It really feels like the start of an adventure…my root chakra has been opened/accessed/activated/recharged…”

Jules Blythe and The 21 DAY SACRAL CHALLENGE provide gentle opportunities to BE more at ease with all of your emotions, to BE more playful, to BE more in love with yourself and your body and to appreciate yourself and your connection with all of Nature. Your primary relationship, with your Self, will be stronger and grow if you are open and willing to allow. I think you will enjoy this experience with a lovely group of women and learn how to show love and kindness to yourself, nature and all you encounter. Once you get your primary relationship on track, all else follows in Love.

I think it boils down to this for me….. I’m being kinder to myself…..I’m forgiving myself , not being so hard on myself and not setting the bar so high on what I expect of myself in all aspects of my life. If some days dribble by and I don’t get done what I need to …. I’m now just accepting it. I’m not happy that X or Y has happened as a result of my inaction but I’m kinder to myself. I’m not expecting so much…..then I’m starting to set less to do. Set a few things in my plan for the week or the day but the non essential stuff….lets just wait and see.
It’s really feeling good.  –



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3 thoughts on “21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge

  • 4th December 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Jules Blythe: “It is the intention of The Chakra House to be able to help people to discover how they can heal and bring balance to their own lives and be a positive and inspiring force in the world around them.”

    Yes! Thank You, Jules. I feel your intention is a reality now. In Higher Awareness, I am observing and experiencing healing transformation of all kinds in your groups and chakra challenges.

    For a little over three years now, I have been blessed by your Loving Presence, abundant healing tools, support, guidance, wisdom, loving-kindness and gentle ways that assist, inspire, uplift and motivate others and me to BE more of Who We Truly ARE.

    You shine and radiate so much Light that brightens my days.

    I am growing, healing and returning to Greater Well-BEing / Love / Wholeness / Oneness now in fun, harmonious, peaceful, easy and soothing ways.

    Infinite Love and Gratitude for all you give and teach us.

    Thank You.

  • 13th September 2017 at 7:11 am

    Hi Jules

    Just paid to take part in the heart chakra challenge. I have now completed root, Sacral and visdhuddi so look forward to the heart based daily practices. Can’t wait!!

    Love and blessings

    • 13th September 2017 at 2:28 pm

      Lovely to have you join again Annette <3 Im looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I will be with you each step of the way x


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