21 Day Chakra Challenges21 Day Chakra Challenges

At The Chakra House, we have a Program for Personal & Spiritual Wellbeing. They are online 21 Day Chakra Challenges so you don’t have to move out of your house and you can work at your own pace!

They build a toolkit to support you in your life every day. So you always have methods for bringing yourself back to a place of balance, peace, and happiness.  You are also supported by having access to a closed Facebook page where you can comment, share and also ask questions.

It never seems the right time to begin so why not just start NOW?!

These challenges will guide you to create a new perspective of your life and to stop living on autopilot.  They are my personal practice from over 30 years of experience that I would love to share with you.


Why the Chakras?

The seven chakras are like gateways to your Soul.  Each holds a wealth of information just waiting for you to unlock – your answers lie within.  The Chakras are a model for self-knowledge and discovery.  As each Chakra is different then so is the energy of the Chakra Practice Workbook.  The self-understanding you will gain through engaging with your own energy body will help you to live more fully and make more dynamic and exciting life choices.  Become more grounded, live in the NOW, become a master of your emotions, become more confident, live from your heart, connect with your intuition and feel more balance in your life.


Philosophy of Chakra Hygge

Chakra Hygge is living your life from the inside out and expressing yourself from the warmth and love in your heart.  It is taking pleasure in the simple things, creating a life and home of love, peace, and happiness.

It is a creative act of living with gratitude and mindfulness.  It brings you to the moment in celebration and makes the seemingly ordinary into something very special.

It is an opportunity to surround yourself with love, to give yourself the permission to be in the moment and to create your safe place and haven. Best of all, you get to share it! Life is precious, let us celebrate every day!

It is the art of happiness as a way of living, making everything more meaningful and beautiful.  It is an awareness that stirs the senses and gives a cozy feeling at a soul level.

Chakra Hygge is heart-based living that nourishes your well-being.  It is about connection, belonging and being present so that we may share with each other.



Chakra Hygge is a journey of loving care and self-nurture,

one of unity and togetherness,

a life that is meaningful, beautiful and special.

with love Jules x

Who wants a life that only looks good on the outside?! Come join our FREE 21 Day Root Chakra Challenge to begin the journey of creating life from the inside out.


What can I expect from The Chakra House – 21 Day Chakra Challenges?

You develop awareness through guided self-exploration of your energy body – The Chakras.  The Chakra Practices contain a Personal & Spiritual Wellbeing Practice or Principle to heal and balance your body and your life.  This challenge is delivered via e-mail and includes admission to a closed Facebook Group, where participants can discuss, question, expand upon and share their experiences.., or if you prefer to work independently, your wishes are fully respected.  You may also connect with me, directly via email.

There is a designed structure and flow to the challenges, however, there is no obligation to do more than you choose to do, no pressure just gentle encouragement.


chakra balancingWhat kind of things will I be doing?
As a Master Energy Practitioner, the variety of practice come from many different spiritual cultures.  The practices are Holistic, Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit-based. Throughout the 7 Chakra Balancing e-courses you are invited to explore through healing modalities such as Energy Medicine techniques, Chakra Psychology, Yoga therapy, Pranayama Breathing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Body Work, Colour Therapy and Creative Practice.




Do I have to start at the beginning?
Your Journey can start at any point, each chakra is a symbol for certain elements of your life and they act as a model for your Wellbeing. You can hop in and out, at any 21 Day Chakra Challenge, or complete the whole program – the choice is yours.


How much time will it take each day?
I love sharing these practices! The biggest challenge for most people is just finding 10-15 minutes a day to set aside for themselves – I’m sure you can relate!  When you do, it makes a massive difference to the quality and experience of your life.  With 21 Practices & Principles, you have the opportunity to create new healthy ways and break old habits that no longer serve you.


What is involved?
I email your 21 Day Chakra Challenge to you when you enroll and then you schedule your own time, you set the pace.  You can take the practices away on holiday with you or do it in the comfort of your own home all you need is internet access!  They are an enjoyable experience. At the end of your 21 Day Chakra Challenge, you will feel a shift in your energy, in your perspective and therefore your life.  The feedback has been amazing! (see below for testimonials).


Begin with our free Root Chakra Challenge click here



root chakra challenge workbook & journal

Jules Blythe is a former Training & Development Consultant specializing in team building and mentoring and now runs her own practice in France and England working online as a Master Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga Therapist and Holistic Life Coach.  She helps people to become empowered to create their lives from the Inside Out and to discover their True Purpose so that they can create more, peace, love and happiness in their lives.    Read more about Jules




What participants are saying about these e-courses ……….

phew………… what to say??? Sacral Chakral Challenge??? From beginning to end (although there is no end) Jules is with you to give words of wisdom and encouragement. No pressure…. just reassurance, encouragement and fulfilment….. Doesn’t matter if you fall behind… its not a race or competition.. Lovely to see others posts even though on different levels of development….. would highly recommend. Thank you Jules and all you other lovely ladies for this months of experience…. it WILL stay with me… xxxhugsxxx – Melanie


I would like to thank you Jules for having facilitated ‘a giant leap’ in my life and health. I have not only learned techniques that I use daily but it has made me more ‘inner self’ conscious. It is exciting as the understanding g of where things are affecting me has made a difference in my experience of my external situation verses my internal thoughts and feelings. A sense of joy and lightness is now with me. Jules Blythe you are amazing. I highly recommend this for everyone… no matter where you are in your wellbeing journey  – Laura


Thank you for all your time that you have given us. Many of us have learned that we do need to put ourselves first more often. We need to be kind to ourselves and be positive and realize that we are blessed to be here. Put out positive and receive positive in return. Put out love and kindness and receive it in return. Thank you so much! – Michelle


Hi Jules You and your writing are truly an inspiration and a blessing I have enjoyed the tasks and some I knew , but it has reminded me to use them ! Indeed they have been a source of conversation with some of my own therapy clients this week. A timely reminder to get out of our heads and explore our hearts Thank you ! – Lyn


“Lifes a roller coaster, ive loved this chakra as its helped me to see that it was completely out of balance. Having done the root and sacral too. Im moving upward!”- Sharon


“The thing about these challenges is that you can go back to each section again and again, and find that things move slowly, or fast, depending upon the balance of your Chakra. That is why I have copied everything off of each challenge, and keep it in a folder nearby my bed. Then I can read through when I have a few minutes, and the most relevant things seem to stand out at me when I most need them! I have had a huge swing of emotions, and also feelings, and each time, I feel I have benefited so much more than I could ever have imagined! heart emoticon%

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