13 Ways to Heal the Root Chakra Family Ties


The strongest foundation of the Root Chakra, is our own roots, our beginnings.  Not all of us have had a perfect upbringing and start to life, this experience is imprinted upon the Root Chakra.  Here we share 13 Ways to Heal the Root Chakra Family Ties, through introspection, mindfulness and creating a new perspective through heightened awareness.


Sense of Safety and Security

It is during the first 18 months of life in particular that we build our sense of safety and security.  These factors stay with us for the remainder of our lives if we do not raise our awareness to the ability to find a balance within ourselves.


During these early years we learn if our primary needs (warmth, food, shelter and love) are to be met with consistency, if there is a constant loving presence and validation of those needs.  It begins with our communication through our cries which are nurtured with food and care.  As we grow it becomes more than our physical needs and includes our mental needs for stimulation (play) and our emotional needs for comfort and understanding.


Each person’s needs are very individual and no experience is without its challenges.  A parent may be over protective or neglectful, each will have its effects on the root chakra of the child.


Trust in Others

When our basic needs are not met as a child we can lose our trust in others and we can feel unsupported.  We struggle to feel a sense of belonging that we would hope to be present in a family unit.  Old family wounds, negative beliefs and pressured expectations can leave us feeling vulnerable and lacking trust.  This disconnection with our family roots can result in some very strong emotions which are in need of healing in the root chakra.


The Root Chakra can be negatively affected through difficult gestation, birth trauma, abandonment, neglect and poor relationship with parents (in particular the mother).  It also can be affected by the imprints of our ancestors and their experiences in life.  We only have to look back two generations to the environment of war and global socio-economic Depression.


With this knowledge and awareness, there is so much you can do to begin to open and balance your root chakra.  We have a FREE 21 Day Root Chakra Challenge that will guide you through a process to allow you to begin to heal from the inside out.


13 Ways to Heal the Root Chakra Family Ties

These are a few ways you can begin to bring transformation to your life now.  Introspection can bring clarity and raise your awareness so that you may discover healing on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) through the root chakra.


  • If respect and trust have been damaged accept they will take time to rebuild. Sometimes there will be scars from the wounds that are healed along the way.
  • You can accept others just as they are and choose to stay connected with them at their own level.
  • You cannot change others.
  • You can forgive and move forward with your life.
  • We are not trained for parenthood, it is a ‘learn on the job’ experience. We all make mistakes.  It is just as important to forgive yourself as it is to forgive others.
  • Most people only do what they know at the time, when they know better they do better.
  • You cannot have the relationship you desire with someone who does not have the same intentions, motivations or desires.
  • Don’t let others behaviour effect you internally on a deep emotional level. Their behaviour says more about them than it does about you.
  • Behaviour speaks volumes, not everyone will behave as you do.
  • Surround yourself with those who support and validate you.
  • Love is unconditional. Respect and trust are justified and validated.
  • You are responsible for your own happiness.
  • Give to yourself all that you feel you need.



Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development


Creating Your Life from the Inside Out

Use the above to create your own practice, to nourish and balance your Soul energy and so create the Life you were meant to live!  Creating a Life of Flow! You will resonate at a higher frequency and attract to you the same, thus flowing in resonance with The Law of Attraction.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”
You can begin today to heal your life from the Inside Out. ~ Jules


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13 Ways to Heal the Root Chakra Family Ties
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