12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing

12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing

Lets take a look at Sacred Space Clearing as a method of bringing more peace, balance and harmony into your everyday life.  You will discover that your internal world is intrinsically linked to that of your surroundings.  I would like to share 12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing so that you can invite a fresh, new energy from the Inside Out.


Energy of Your Home

Each home has its own energy.  Usually we are creating a style that suits our personality or following the home design fashions of the time.  Each piece you bring into your home will hold its own energy.  Maybe it’s an ornament from an exotic holiday or photo of a loved one, each is imprinted with memories.


Energy Imprint

However, this energy is more than just the physical, our homes absorb the energy of our thoughts, emotions, actions and state of health and wellbeing.  Your home is a physical representation of your energetical state.  It may even be holding the energetical imprint of the people who lived in the house before you.


If you have been unwell, depressed or stressed, your home will carry a heavy energy of the vibrations of these states.  You can cleanse your home energeticaly so that you can create a more nurturing, positive and light energy around you.  You can refresh and purify your home so that it is a healing, uplifting and loving environment to live in.


Setting Your Intention

Our state of wellbeing is intrinsically linked with that of the home, each effecting the other.  Cleansing the space around us can have positive effects of cleansing the energy within us at the same time.  Before you begin to cleanse your home it is a good idea to set your intention.  Be open to the cleansing of your own thoughts and emotions so that creating the peace around you also happens within.


When you begin your space clearing/cleansing, allow yourself to accept without judgment any thoughts or feelings that arise.


Be aware of your recent health.  Have you been experiencing headaches, tiredness, and fatigue or feeling emotional and having negative thoughts?  This is the time to energetically cleanse your home so that you too can release the drains on your own energy body.


Take time to look around your home, more importantly, take time to sense and feel the energy around you.  Not only is it important to pay attention to our internal energy it is just as important to extend that loving attention to your surroundings.


Creating Flow

To create more balance within we want to create a spaciousness around us.  The energy of the heart chakra is air and it guides us to create a space where we have room to breathe.  Ideally we want to create a space that is airy, light, clear, uncluttered.  This doesn’t mean that you go for a minimalist look if that is not for you!  It means scanning the space around you and looking where you feel you can create more flow.


We all have our own idea of home, what we want to achieve here is an energetical cleanse.  Many of you will have done this kind of thing before, it’s not something to be done only once.  Now is an ideal opportunity as Spring is knocking on the door!  Space clearing is not just for Spring though, it can be a regular practice throughout the year.  I like to combine it with the seasonal changes and bring the energy of the outside into my home.


Stagnant energy collects in the corners of the room, especially in the upper corners.  It becomes trapped when there is too much clutter on shelves, mantels and tables.  It is further stagnated when there are dead flowers and plants, and the water that is no longer fresh.


12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing


12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing

Bring the sacred energy of a nurturing home into manifestation.  After your cleaning, dusting, polishing, vacuuming and sorting, you are ready to begin changing the energy of your home.


There are so many methods of Space Clearing.  It’s a great idea to mix them up so that you create your very own ritual that feels right for you and your home.


Remember to come from a place of mindful non-judgement as you begin your ritual.  Here are some methods for you to explore:


  • Feng Shui – Four Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air.
  • Smudging – sage sticks (Air)
  • Sacred Tibetan bowls and incence. (Air)
  • Sound – clapping, tingchells
  • Incantation, prayer – speak words of cleansing and inviting new energy.
  • Symbols – draw Reiki symbols into the corners of the room.
  • Salt water in bowls in the corner of the rooms. Throw the water away after 24hrs. (Water)
  • Place cleansed quartz crystal in the corners of the room. (Earth)
  • Light candles to invite the light of spirit. (Fire)
  • Place fresh flowers – throw away dead plants. (Earth)
  • Open the windows to let the air flow through. (Air)
  • Burn your favourite essential oils to create the mood that suits you. (Air)



Enjoy creating your own Sacred Home Clearing ritual and let me know how you feel after you have completed your cleanse.


“Your home can be a place of renewal and hope.  It can be a sanctuary within which you can retreat and recharge during changing times, an oasis of peace amidst turmoil.” – Denise Linn

“To create more peace in your life fill your home with the energy and feeling of peace.” – Denise Linn



Creating Your Life from the Inside Out

Use the above to create your own practice, to nourish and balance your Soul energy and so create the Life you were meant to live!  Creating a Life of Flow! You will resonate at a higher frequency and attract to you the same, thus flowing in resonance with The Law of Attraction.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”
You can begin today to heal your life from the Inside Out. ~ Jules



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I hope this Blog – 12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing –  has served you in some way, please comment below and let me know how you feel, think or what you intuit from reading this Blog.
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12 Inspirations for Sacred Space Clearing
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