21 Day Chakra Challenges

21 Day Chakra Challenges

21 Day Chakra Challenges At The Chakra House, we have a Program for Personal & Spiritual Wellbeing. They are online 21 Day Chakra Challenges so you don’t have to move out of your house and you can work at your own

chakra soul path readings

Chakra Soul Path Readings – Your Spiritual Blueprint

Chakra Soul Path Readings     The route to you is through you. Maybe you are following your spiritual path with consciousness and would like to develop further or perhaps you are just taking those first tentative steps into self-awareness,

chakra soul path 1-2-1 coaching

Chakra Soul Path Coaching 1-2-1

Chakra Soul Path Coaching 1-2-1 You can find the direction and purpose you are searching for and redefine every element of your life, the most powerful and effective way to begin is to look within – the place of all

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21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge

Come join our Healing & Balancing event for the Heart Chakra! The ultimate in self-love and care and leading you to a path of heart-based living!

21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge I would love to share with you a little about what you could gain from taking part in this 21 Day Heart Chakra Challenge.  Firstly, you can start at any time and do this in

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Testimonial: new life stirred….

Namaste Jules Blythe, Arohanui me beannacht, love and blessings. Thank you for creating a safe and sacred space for us all to explore our power, passions and vulnerabilities, to rediscover,rekindle and reignite those sacral gifts that we had forgotten, that lay dormant or neglected. The 21 Day Sacral Challenge has been a joy and a blessing, new friends made, new life stirred....openings, breakthroughs and revelations! A journey of self-discovery, awe and wonder awaits anyone willing to look and listen. Let your healing begin!

Lindsay Facebook friend New Zealand

Testimonial: ‘a giant leap’ in my life and health

I would like to thank you Jules for having facilitated 'a giant leap' in my life and health. I have not only learned techniques that I use daily but it has made me more 'inner self' conscious. It is exciting as the understanding g of where things are affecting me has made a difference in my experience of my external situation verses my internal thoughts and feelings. A sense of joy and lightness is now with me. Jules Blythe you are amazing. I highly recommend this for everyone... no matter where you are in your wellbeing journey

Laura Facebook friend

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